Giving Connect

Giving Connect is for donors who wish to make their giving more effective. Giving Connect helps you understand and articulate your philanthropic motivations and intentions, and build a strategic framework to inform your decision-making.

The strategic framework central to Giving Connect is called a Theory of Change.

A Theory of Change is a logical, clear narrative about the change or impact you wish to achieve through your giving, why this impact is needed and how you intend to go about creating this impact. It helps you build a Giving Strategy that articulates the broad goal of your philanthropy and the actions you can take, or partners you can support, to work toward your goal.


The Challenge

The problem your foundation wants to help overcome



The actions that would contribute to the goal



The outcomes that are created from these activities

Broad Goal

The Broad Goal

The goal your foundation wants to contribute to

The steps of Giving Connect

Giving Connect consists of 5 stages, where you and those involved in your giving will complete the following steps:

Setp 1


Online Giving Questions

To start forming an idea of the impact your philanthropic team would like to have

Setp 2


Giving Strategy Workshop

A session to work with us and create the first version of your team’s Giving Strategy, based on a Theory of Change

Setp 3


Iterations of your Strategy

We’ll take the draft Giving Strategy away and build on it, refine it and send it to you for final feedback

Setp 4


Final Giving Strategy

We’ll provide you with the final version and a Connect Kit that help you use your Giving Strategy to make decisions

Setp 5


12 month check in

After using the Strategy for a while, we’ll check in to see how it’s going and help with any adjustments!

Giving Connect founding partners

The Giving Connect service was developed in partnership by Australian Executor Trustees and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

The Giving Connect team will help you ask and answer the tough questions and build a Giving Strategy aligned to your philanthropy.

Designed by philanthropists for philanthropists

Giving Connect was co-designed with many different philanthropists, from family foundations to individual donors. By learning from their experience and prototyping different versions of Giving Connect with donors, we were able to build a service that is tailored to donors needs and enables the creation of a strategy that works for them.

Giving Connect will continue to respond to what works best for donors. When you take part in Giving Connect, we look forward to learning from your feedback and ideas.

Get started

When you take part in Giving Connect, the first step is for those involved in your giving to think about the impact they would like to contribute to, and their motivations.

The Giving Questions will help each person answer these big questions. The questions will take approximately 15 minutes to answer, and may spark some important conversations. Click the button below to start.

Answer the Giving Questions

Find out more

If you would like to find out more or participate in Giving Connect please contact:

Ben Clark

Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment
Australian Executor Trustees
e: +61 3 8614 4458