We help grant makers and grant seeker maximise their philanthropic outcomes and impact.

Giving Connect helps donors – and their advisers – understand and articulate their philanthropic motivations and intentions and build a strategic framework to achieve meaningful and effective partnerships.
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Our framework

Giving Connect utilises the Theory of Change methodology to help advisers and their client develop a logical, clear narrative about the change or impact they hope to achieve.

It is the basis of our Giving Strategy service, which supports philanthropists articulate the challenge they seek to address, the broad goal of their philanthropy, the actions they need to take to achieve meaningful outcomes.

The Challenge

The problem your foundation wants to help overcome


The outcomes that are created from these activities


The actions that would contribute to the goal

The Broad Goal

The goal your foundation wants to achieve

The Challenge

The problem your foundation wants to help overcome


The actions that would contribute to the goal


The outcomes that are created from these activities

The Broad Goal

The goal your foundation wants to achieve

Designed by philanthropists for philanthropists

Giving Connect was developed by The Australian Centre of Social Innovation and co-designed with philanthropists. By learning from their experience and frustrations in creating meaningful philanthropic partnerships and prototyping our framework, we have built Australia’s first philanthropic advice framework that is aligned to strategic wealth advice.

Each year we conduct an independent audit on our framework and tools to ensure we continue to respond to what works best for grant makers and grant seekers.

The steps of Giving Connect

Philanthropy is a personal journey. Our service is designed to support clients where they need us most: some clients ask us for help on one step, others seek us to support them on the whole journey. Regardless of your needs, we work with you to achieve:

Meaningful Partnerships

Philanthropic partnerships founded on transparency and trust.

Intentional Action

Clarity and purpose driving grant-making decisions.

Greater Social Impact

Heightened awareness and effective deployment of philanthropic resources, time and expertise.

Step 1

Giving Impact Map

We’ve developed a 15 minute online questionnaire that helps philanthropists identify their values, approach, risk appetite and focus of their giving via our Giving Impact Map.

Step 2

Giving Strategy Workshop

A 2 and 1/2 hour facilitated planning session that works with grant makers, their families and advisers to develop the first version of their Giving Strategy. 

Step 3

Iterations of your Strategy

We take the outcomes from the Giving Strategy workshop and craft a draft Giving Strategy. This is circulated with workshop participants for final feedback and amendments.

Step 4

Final Giving Strategy

We can also help you build a website to communicate your Granting Strategy and grant making process to prospective grant seekers.

Step 5

Grant making services

We can support grant makers identify and assess suitable not for profit partners and evaluate outcomes.

Step 6

Secretarial Services

We can support trustees and advisory boards meet their fiduciary obligations by preparing board papers, capturing minutes and liaising with accountants/auditors as required.

Get started

When you take part in Giving Connect, the first step is for those involved in your giving to think about the impact they would like to contribute to, and their motivations.

We’ve designed a series of questions which will help donors answer the big questions. It takes about 15 minutes to complete our online learning and answer questions that will spark some important conversations.

Request a quote for a Strategy Workshop

Once you’ve completed your Giving Impact Map, you may decide you want to do deeper dive into achieving impactful philanthropy. Over the past 5 years, we’ve supported lots of philanthropists develop a strategy that enables them to develop a clear, consistent and focused approach to their giving.

The cost to develop a Giving Strategy – a workshop/workshops with your giving team, a draft and final version of your funding strategy – commences at $3,500 (incl GST).

Giving Connect’s fees are considered a ‘reasonable expense’ in line with S.23 of the Private Ancillary Fund Guidelines (2021) and S.43 of Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines, 2021 and can be paid by your foundation or sub fund.

Who we are

Ben Clark

Founder / Growth

Ben has been helping philanthropists and advisers for nearly 15 years, most recently as Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment for a listed wealth management company where he stewarded a portfolio of charitable and native title trusts worth more than $750M. Ben is passionate about making giving easy… hence why he founded with Giving Connect with the TACSI crew.

Chris Wootton

Lead Partner / Delivery

Chris is a giving guru. He’s worked with institutional sized charitable trusts, family foundations and corporate foundations designing and implementing strategic granting programs ranging in size from $1000 up to $10M. He is a skilled facilitator and respected for his approach to ensuring everyone at the table has an equal voice.

Nicole Denton

Partner / Design

Nicole heads up Giving Connect’s design and communications team and is responsible for helping our clients articulate their strategy to their target audiences. She has a unique ability to translate philanthropic strategies into living, breathing brand identities and utilise digital channels to help our clients connect more effectively with their stakeholders.

Rebecca Iliffe

Associate NSW

Rebecca leverages her significant experience working with foundations, donors, organisations, and governments at all levels in her capacity as a GC Associate. Rebecca is based in Sydney and services GC’s NSW based clients. She has extensive experience working in rural and regional communities and moves effortlessly between the city and the country.

Katrina Hosie


Katrina has worked extensively with Foundations and Private Ancillary Funds over the past 15 years. She is a highly successful fundraiser and loves building strategic and mutually beneficial relationships between donors and not-for-profit organisations. Katrina has a particular passion for tracking and communicating program outcomes and impacts.

Kim Downes


Kim has over 30-years’ experience in fundraising and philanthropy and is a recognised accomplished senior fundraising strategist spanning the education, religious, arts and healthcare industries. Her strength is supporting organisations to become financially sustainable and building a culture of philanthropy. In her capacity as an associate with Giving Connect, Kim works closely with grant seekers in completing and assessing grant applications and evaluations.

Our clients, partners & friends

The Phillips Foundation
The Maria Vasas Foundation
JB Were
Australian Executor Trustees
Credit Suisse
Ord Minnett

Here’s what some of our clients have to say

The workshop was facilitated incredibly well and enabled all the members of our family an equal voice. As a consequence we developed and implemented a giving strategy that enables us to be more focussed and effective in our giving.

The Phillips Foundation

Giving Connect guided my clients through the next stage of their philanthropic journey and enabled them to articulate ‘the why’ and ‘the how’. Now they feel they are well equipped to implement their Giving Strategy and identify not-for-profit partners aligned with their giving goals.

Kyoung Walker

Shadforth Financial Group

“Giving Connect provides the ideal platform for engaging with funders. It is the ‘Gold Standard’ in identifying funders whose values and approach is aligned with our organisation and programs. From the outset it ensures both parties work from a basis of transparency and trust.”

General Manager

Cool Australia Trust

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