About us

Our mission is to support philanthropy and for purpose organisations achieve equitable, transparent and effective outcomes.

Who we are

Giving Connect is a social enterprise that was co-designed with The Australian Centre of Social Innovation and in consultation with some of Australia’s most progressive philanthropists.

From 2017 to 2021, our philanthropic advice model was incubated by Australian Executor Trustees Ltd which ‘stress tested’ our framework with its portfolio of national donors and discretionary funding programs.

In 2021 Giving Connect was established as an independent advisory firm with the sole mandate to deliver unconflicted and exceptional advice to philanthropic and for purpose clients.

We draw on our extensive experience and networks to help philanthropy and for purpose organisations developing meaningful and effective connections. All engagements start with a discovery process. We listen and learn about your desired outcomes and impact.

We only work with clients where we can add value, be it sourcing the right solution, facilitating strategic planning or evaluating program outcomes. Our work is also validated by our network of peer assessors who test assumptions and bring global best practice thinking to your project.

Our approach

Our principles


We use a participatory approach in our workshops to ensure all voices are heard and reflected.

Balanced Perspective

We act as a ‘critical friend’ offering insights and challenging assumptions throughout our engagement, respecting the expertise in the room.

Practical Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to translate theory into actionable and implementable plan that can be evaluated and assessed on an ongoing basis.


Our team

Our team assembles some of the most experienced practitioners in their fields. Each brings experience, curiosity, enquiry and informed perspective to help our clients translate great ideas into lasting impact.